DucoSoft Brand Development

Step 1.

Custom Font - from sketch to digital.

Step 2.

Symbol Creation - playing with the letters, trying out new shapes and slowly uncovering viable ideas.

Step 3.

Symbol Creation - THE CONCEPT

The Idea behind DucoSoft

From Latin "Non ducor duco." - I am not led, I lead.

We naturally gravitated towards powerful Leadership symbolism, but the common visual elements used for communicating leading qualities, power and knowledge like heraldry, scepters or crowns seemed boring and overused. Also, we are not a hotel. No. The reason we rotated the abbreviation 45 degrees counterclockwise is because we saw something. We saw a weapon. We saw an opportunity.

The Instrument of the Warrior Scholar

We saw the bow with the flaming arrow. In the hands of a competent leader, it's not just a weapon, it is a powerful tool, that can light a signal fire, that can show the way.

Bow and arrow is an ancient and strong symbol. The weapon represents leadership and competence, the arrow - purpose. We added the fire, as it stands for vision, idea, knowledge and success.

Closing in

Well, now that we got ourselves a powerful symbol we are coming close to the end of this epic journey. It's time to test our beautiful creation and see it in action. Let's talk colors.

Step 4.

Brand colors - a fun but very important step.

The palette

A simple, balanced color palette is essential for every good brand. There should be two dominant colors. You first choice should be the color to help you being remembered. The second should compliment and support the first one. The final touch are the accent colors. They may vary in numbers, but three is considered a safe option.