So, what is affiliate marketing? It is a way of making money online and having your own business. Basically you sell other people’s stuff and earn a comission. It’s pretty simple, but contrary to what most people say it’s not very easy to do.


Who is Johnny FD?

Johnny is a location independet interpreneur or a digital nomad if you will.  He has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Fast Company, Entrepreneur ect. His life has quite the colorful background. Went from a job in the corporate world in California, through scuba diving instructor and professional Muay Thai fighter in Thailand to affiliate marketing in the last few years. He is a well-known professional and a generally pleasant person to learn a thing or two from.


Afiliate Marketing with Online Courses

Long story short – it’s a beginners course for marketing other courses. It’s one of the easiest ways of starting affiliate marketing (besides amazon maybe). It’s relatively short – 26 separate lectures or a little more than 2 hour video explaining the basics in this particular niche. Things like how to choose a WordPress theme for your site, how to get accepted in Udemy Affiliate program, building a mailing list and many tips & tricks and little details.

Watch the video below and see Johnny explain what an Udemy Affiliate actually is and can it really be profitable enough to get your attention.








What Will You Learn?
  • Earn Money Promoting Courses on Udemy
  • Have a Roadmap to Become One of Udemy’s Top Affiliates
  • Gain Trust, Gain an Audience and Build a Following
  • Drive Free Traffic to Your Udemy Affiliate Links and Blog
  • Build a Massive Mailing List to Promote Future Courses
  • Earn a Location Independent Income and Be Your Own Boss


  • You Don’t Really Need Anything, This is a Beginner to Advanced Course.
  • A Willingness to Learn and Follow Step by Step Directions.
  • Eagerness to Be Successful and the Drive to Make it Happen.



Join the course to see step by step how I made over $1,000 in my first month as an Affiliate for Udemy.

You already have what it takes to succeed. You have a desire to try, and you are determined to make things work.

Now all that is left standing between you and your dream of making money with Udemy is getting the advice and guidance that you need to get you into the action!

If that is what you’re looking for – something that can help you to gain a breakthrough in successfully making money as an Affiliate for Udemy – you’ve put yourself in the right place!

Join the course today! No prior web experience is needed, and best of all, this course isn’t just for Americans, it works worldwide!

Inside the course I show you step by step how I went from just signing up as an affiliate for Udemy to finding courses to promote, choosing your niche, getting free traffic without the use of complicated SEO, and how I made over $1,000 my very first month and become one of Udemy’s top affiliates.

In the course you get access to my uncensored dashboard where I show you exactly which courses I promoted, the traffic source, and even how much I made from each sale. This allows you to easily replicate my success and not waste time.

I even share some of my own personal affiliate links with you inside the course so not only can I get credit for referring you to some of the products and services that I personally use, but so you can see first hand how to recommend affiliate products and courses in an earnest way that is truly a win/win for everyone involved!

Join the course and hope see you inside! This course may be exactly what you need to build a profitable online business that you can run from your laptop like it has for me and hundreds of other students!


Who is this course for?

Self Starters Who are Willing to Reach Out to Course Creators
Those with Integrity who will only Promote Courses they Believe in
People Who Are Willing to Dedicate 1-2 Months of Work for a LIfetime of Income